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svn over HTTP proxy

I'm on laptop (Ubuntu) with a network that use HTTP proxy (only http connections allowed).

When I use svn up for url like 'http://.....' everything is cool (google chrome repository works perfect), but right now I need to svn up from server with 'svn://....' and I see connection refused.

I've set proxy configuration in /etc/subversion/servers but it doesn't help.

Anyone have opinion/solution?

Answer Source

In /etc/subversion/servers you are setting http-proxy-host, which has nothing to do with svn:// which connects to a different server usually running on port 3690 started by svnserve command.

If you have access to the server, you can setup svn+ssh:// as explained here.

Update: You could also try using connect-tunnel, which uses your HTTPS proxy server to tunnel connections:

connect-tunnel -P -T

Then you would use

svn checkout svn://localhost:10234/path/to/trunk
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