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SQL Question

Where is my SQLite database created?

I am following the tutorial presented here: EF7 tutorial

It seems to be a well-known tutorial about SQLite, UWP and EF7 all goes as expected when following it, but I was not able to find the physical path to the database created by the code-first approach.

This thing is quite strange I wanted to open the sqlite database using "DB Browser for SQL Lite" but I could not find it anywhere...

Did some of you follow this common tutorial and find the database or do you know where EF7 code first creates the database?

Answer Source

When you create a sqlite database without a specific path, it will be placed in the folder that your code can locate as Windows.Storage.ApplicationData.Current.LocalFolder

For your DB Browser, it is


<username> is obvious, <pacakage-name> can be found in your Package.appxmanifest, packaging tab. It usually looks like a Guid.

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