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Reflection doesn't get the custom class in C#

I created a method to return a default field value from any class. I am trying to use

to get the value, but it doesn't work.

Here is the class with the default value that I want (

namespace Services.Data.Report
public class PayrollReport
public string FullName { get; set; }
public DateTime WeekStart { get; set; }
public decimal PerDiem { get; set; }
public decimal StPay { get; set; }
public decimal OtPay { get; set; }
public decimal StraightHours { get; set; }
public decimal OverTimeHours { get; set; }

public string StoredProcedure { get; set; }

I have this method that will allow me to pass the name of the class, and hopefully get the desired field value:

namespace Services
public class DynamicReportService : IDynamicReportService
public string GetDynamicReport(string className)
System.Reflection.Assembly assem = typeof(DynamicReportService).Assembly;
var t = assem.GetType(className);
var storedProcedure = t?.GetField("StoredProcedure").ToString();
return storedProcedure;

I have also tried this, but get the same results:

var t = Type.GetType(className);

The problem is that
is never set.

I am trying to call it with something like this:

var storedProc = _dynamicReportService.GetDynamicReport("Services.Data.Report.PayrollReport");

Is there another way to pass the
by name and be able to access the fields, methods, and other properties?

Answer Source

Try this:

System.Reflection.Assembly assembly = typeof(DynamicReportService).Assembly;
var type = assembly.GetType(className);
var storedProcedurePropertyInfo = type.GetProperty("StoredProcedure"); 
var defaultValueAttribute = storedProcedurePropertyInfo.GetCustomAttribute<DefaultValueA‌​ttribute>();
return defaultValueAttribute.Value.ToString();

First we will get the StoredProcedure PropertyInfo from the type, then we will look for the property DeafultValueAttribute using GetCustomAttribute<T> extension and in the end we will take the attribute value and return it.

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