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Javascript Question

Angular 2.x change <title> in head (outside my app)

I think it should be easy but I cannot find how.

I have something like

<title>{{'a' + 'b'}}</title>

It seems like I cannot access anything outside

In angular 1.x it was easy, I was able to add
on any element (
<html ng-app="myApp">

Now I think I'm able only bootstrap in body.

I know I can manually bootstrap somehow (didn't try yet), but dynamically change title in single page applications should be super-easy, shouldn't it?

Answer Source

Angular2 can't be bootstrapped to entire html. But you can use Title Service.

A service that can be used to get and set the title of a current HTML document.

It has 2 methods:



Don't forget to check the dependency injection section out to see how you can use the services.

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