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Fat Arrow Functions in Netbeans 8.1?

I think it's not recognizing the fat arrow function. It complains like this:

enter image description here

Only when I modify my code from

(err, stats) => {
function(err, stats){
then the error disappears.

Is there a way to fix this or my only option is to supress this type of errors?

Answer Source

Didn't know that people still use Netbeans, but Netbeans doesn't support ES6 syntax yet, but it might be close according to one of the comments:

Guys, I have to apologise. The parser based on Antlr doesn't suffer from performance problems like a month ago, but the memory consumption is still high. We run in problems in ANTLR 4 runtime itself and we are working with antlr authors to solving these issues. I can not guess what time it will take.

In parallel I have taken a close source parser and currently I'm trying to work with this one. Unfortunately it's close source and we have to go through licensing process, where I don't have any doubts how it long it can take. When I get the permission to put the parser to our hg, then there will be available build and hopefully with a few implemented ECMA 6 features.

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