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I need to set-up elasticsearch on windows os?

I tried to set-up a elasticsearch on my Windows 7 OS PC. Installed elasticsearch and curl and it's working as the

is working fine.

Now I am strugging to search in a file located at

My doubt is, Where do mention that I have tos search in this file? elasticsearch.yml? Which parameter I need to set to point this text file?

Indexing is working with
but mapping gives nullpointer exception? Do I need to install something else?

I tried to install sense plugin for chrome but says moved to marvel, and from there unable to install marvel!

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From what I can tell, you've installed Elasticsearch and you're now expecting to be able to search within files on your local file system. This isn't how ES works. You need to create a mapping for an index and then populate that index with the content you want to search in. If you're looking to index files on your local file system rather than data you have pulled from a database you should look in to the File system River Plugin for Elasticsearch, http://www.pilato.fr/fsriver/. This deals with all of the indexing of file system based documents automatically, once you've got it set up correctly.


I also see you're trying to set up Kibana and Marvel/Sense. To set up Kibana just follow the instructions here: http://www.elasticsearch.org/overview/kibana/installation/

To set up Marvel open powershell, CD to C:\elasticsearch\bin then run plugin.bat -i elasticsearch/marvel/latest then you'll need to restart your cluster. Once you've done that if you go to http://localhost:9200/_plugin/marvel/ you'll see your marvel dashboard. You'll also see a tab for "Sense" which is the other plugin you referred to.

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