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CSS Question

Margin right is more in Safari on some machines

On my Macbook and in Chrome and Firefox on my iMac everything is as it should be, but for some reason whatever I do the margin-right on my iMac in Safari is acting out.

I have tried to empty both server cache and browser cache. I've also tried to change the margin-right from the image to a placeholder around the image. Nothing helps.

Live URL: http://sebastiankolind.dk

Please take a look at the screenshot.

Answer Source

The problem is that when a child element exceeds the width of the container, different browsers have different strategies to "make it fit". In this case, Safari is shrinking the size of the placeholder divs.

In your file pete-less-style.css, after removing the style definition

ul.posts-list li article.has-thumb {
    width: 710px;

the page looks similar in all browsers.

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