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C# Question

The previous and next button of my fancybox are too big

I have a

which have next and previous buttons inside it. But the previous and next button area is too big that it covers my textbox on the fancybox. I have tried some suggestion from here.

#fancybox-left, #fancybox-right {
width: 0%;

But it doesnt working. The area for buttons is still as big as before. Seems like it was for fancybox version 1. I am using fancybox version 2 right now. Any suggestion how should I do the
for next and previous button in
fancybox 2

Answer Source

this works in Fancybox v1.3

<style type="text/css">
 #fancybox-right {
  width: 30px; height: 30px; top: 45%

 #fancybox-left:hover span,
  left: -10px;

 #fancybox-right:hover span,
 #fancybox-right-ico {
  right: -10px;
  left: auto;
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