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Javascript Question

Sort Complex Array of Arrays by value within

I have an array of arrays in javascript set up within an object that I'm storing with local storage. It's high scores for a Phonegap game in the format

where 0 is the category. I'm able to see the scores using
. I want to sort with the high scores first.

var c={'0':[[100,11],[150,12]};
return y-x;

However, b[0] always gives an undefined error.

I'm new to Javascript and making this is my first major test as a learning experience. Though I've looked at a number of examples on stackoverflow still can't figured this one out.

Answer Source

You need to declare the parameters to the comparator function.


should be

c.sort(function(a, b){

and you need to call sort on an array as "am not i am" points out so

var c={'0':[[100,11],[150,12]]};
c[0].sort(function(a, b){
    var x=a[0];
    var y=b[0];
    return y-x;

leaves c in the following state:

  "0": [
    [150, 12],
    [100, 11]
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