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installing typescript in nodejs taking too long

i was trying to install typescript in my laptop. I am using ms windows 8.1.(64bit). I have installed Node.js 64 bit and executed the command npm install -g typescript. The installation started (i think) and all i can see is a rotating '/'. Even after 2 hours i am seeing the same thing. And when i checked the taskmanager the CPU was using morethan 70%. Why is installing typescript takes too long? Is it downloading too many files?. Can some one tell me if there any other way to install and use type script. (I do not want to use visual studio also).

thanks in advance

Answer Source

Finally I have found the error. Thanks to 'ezrepotein'. I have run the command npm config ls -l and found that there was 3 location to Temp directory. I accidentally added path to jdk and jre in Temp. I deleted that so Temp is now only the default value *%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp*. And when i run npm install -g typescript it worked.

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