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Receive result from DialogFragment

I am using DialogFragments for a number of things: choosing item from list, entering text.

What is the best way to return a value (i.e. a string or an item from a list) back to the calling activity/fragment?

Currently I am making the calling activity implement DismissListener and giving the DialogFragment a reference to the activity. The Dialog then calls the OnDimiss method in the activity and the activity grabs the result from the DialogFragment object. Very messy and it doesn't work on configuration change (orientation change) as the DialogFragment loses the reference to the activity.

Thanks for any help.

Answer Source

Use myDialogFragment.setTargetFragment(this, MY_REQUEST_CODE) from the place where you show the dialog, and then when your dialog is finished, from it you can call getTargetFragment().onActivityResult(getTargetRequestCode(), ...), and implement onActivityResult() in the containing fragment.

It seems like an abuse of onActivityResult(), especially as it doesn't involve activities at all. But I've seen it recommended by official google people, and maybe even in the api demos. I think it's what g/setTargetFragment() were added for.

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