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JSON Question

How to do a group by operation on a list of json objects in python?

I am working on a Python script where I need to group by a key in a list of JSON objects.

I’ve a list of a large number of JSON objects in python in the following format:

[{'name': xyz,
'territory': abc,
'parameter_a': 1,
'parameter_b': 2,
'parameter_c': 3},

Now I want to create a tag (say parameter_d) which should say the number in the grouped by count the number of times a specific territory (Say ‘abc’) has occurred in the whole list of json objects.
E.g. Territory abc occurs 3 times in the list, so i want the parameter_d to hold values 1,2,3 for the different instances where the territory abc occurred.
Thanks in advance for the help.

from json import loads, dumps
from collections import defaultdict

json_string = """
    {"name": "xyz", "territory": "abc", "parameter_a": 1, "parameter_b": 2, "parameter_c": 3},
    {"name": "qrs", "territory": "def", "parameter_a": 1, "parameter_b": 2, "parameter_c": 3},
    {"name": "tuv", "territory": "abc", "parameter_a": 1, "parameter_b": 2, "parameter_c": 3},
    {"name": "abc", "territory": "abc", "parameter_a": 1, "parameter_b": 2, "parameter_c": 3}

# Step 1: convert from JSON to Python:
python_object = loads(json_string)

# Step 2: Add `parameter_d` to each item in list,
# using defaultdict(int) as a counter:
counts = defaultdict(int)
for item in python_object:
    counts[item["territory"]] += 1
    item["parameter_d"] = counts[item["territory"]]

# Step 3: convert from Python to JSON
json_string = dumps(python_object, indent=2)
print json_string