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React JSX Question

How can I insert into array with setState, react js

I'm looking to modify and array in react and insert elements on specific index. This is how my state looks like:

this.state = {arr: ['', '', '', '' ]}

What I wanna do is to compile this
arr[index] = 'random element'
to react js setState syntax. What I tried to do was:

this.setState({ arr[index]: 'random element' })

but failed, ty!

Answer Source

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Clone the current state using slice(). By doing this, the original state remains unaffected till setState(). After cloning, do your operations over the cloned array and set it in the state. The previous answer will mutate the state. Read about this here

let a = this.state.arr.slice(); //creates the clone of the state
a[index] = "random element";
this.setState({arr: a});
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