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Python Question

"Error: '::hypot' has not been declared" in cmath while trying to embed Python

After having some trouble trying to embed Python into my program using

#include <Python.h>
, I finally got it to find all the correct libraries, but I have another error. When I try to compile with
#include <Python.h>
it redirects me to cmath in my code::blocks directory, and puts an error marker by the line that says
using ::hypot;
and says:
error: '::hypot' has not been declared
. I have no idea why this is an error, especially because this came with my code::blocks installation, and came up, I assume, because Python tried to include it. I am on Windows, and using the newest version of Python (3.4.2)

Answer Source

Try adding

#include <cmath>

before including Python when compiling.

Your error is a result of hypot being renamed to _hypot in your pyconfig header file. cmath is expecting to see hypot and not _hypot.

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