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Python Question

Mongodb Motor driver for Windows

Question about Motor

README says "Unix, including Mac OS X. Windows is not supported."

I run python 3.5 with motor 1.0 on Windows and it seems works good.

insert, update, delete, find, reindex operations, capped collections and tailable cursor works fine with


What is not supported on Windows?

Answer Source

I'm Motor's author. Here's what's not supported with Motor and Windows:

  • I don't test Motor on Windows.
  • Tornado doesn't officially support Windows--it's not designed for scalability there--so when you use Motor with Tornado on Windows you can't expect production-level performance.

You might be fine on Windows, particularly with the asyncio integration, since asyncio is officially supported on Windows. But be aware that I've made no effort to ensure Motor is correct, scalable, or fast on Windows.

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