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ES6 destructuring function parameter - naming root object

Is there a way to retain the name of a destructured function argument? I.e., the name of the root object?

In ES5, I might do this (using inheritance as a metaphor to make the point):

// ES5:
var setupParentClass5 = function(options) {
textEditor.setup(options.rows, options.columns);

var setupChildClass5 = function(options) {
rangeSlider.setup(options.minVal, options.maxVal);
setupParentClass5(options); // <= we pass the options object UP

I'm using the same
object to hold multiple configuration parameters. Some parameters are used by the parent class, and some are used by the subclass.

Is there a way to do this with destructured function arguments in ES6?

// ES6:
var setupParentClass6 = ({rows, columns}) => {
textEditor.setup(rows, columns);

var setupChildClass6 = ({minVal, maxVal}) => {
rangeSlider.setup(minVal, maxVal);
setupParentClass6( /* ??? */ ); // how to pass the root options object?

Or do I need to extract all of the options in
so that they can be individually passed into

// ugh.
var setupChildClass6b = ({minVal, maxVal, rows, columns}) => {
rangeSlider.setup(minVal, maxVal);
setupParentClass6({rows, columns});

Answer Source

I have the 'options' arguments on too many places myself. I would opt for 1 extra line of code. Not worthy in this example, but a good solution when having destructuring on more lines.

var setupChildClass6 = (options) => {
    var {minVal, maxVal} = options;
    rangeSlider.setup(minVal, maxVal);
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