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antMatchers Spring Security pattern with changeable URL user ID

I was looking for the answer for a long time but couldnt find anything productive

In my rest service I keep some functionality under: /account/{id}/download and I would like to set the acces ROLE in SecurityConfig java file, that only ROLE_TOKENSAVED users can access this url

How should the pattern look like, when {id} is changeable?

I tried some regexp patterns, but nothing worked as I wanted, here are some of my attempts:

1. antMatchers("account/**/download").access(somerolehere)
2. antMatchers("account/\\d/download").access(somerolehere)
3. antMatchers("account/[\\d]/download").access(somerolehere)

thanks in advance for your anserwers :)


protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {
.antMatchers("/account*//**").access("hasRole('ROLE_USER') or hasRole('ROLE_ADMIN')")

Answer Source

This works for me:


Notice the curly braces around the path variable representing the ID.

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