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C# Question

Casting Y or N to bool C#

Just for neatness sake I was wondering, whether it's possible to cast Y or N to a bool? Something like this;

bool theanswer = Convert.ToBoolean(input);

The long version;

bool theanswer = false;
switch (input)
case "y": theanswer = true; break;
case "n": theanswer = false; break

Answer Source

No, there's nothing built in for this.

However, given that you want to default to false, you can just use:

bool theAnswer = (input == "y");

(The bracketing there is just for clarity.)

You may want to consider making it case-insensitive though, given the difference between the text of your question and the code you've got. One way of doing this:

bool theAnswer = "y".Equals(input, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase);

Note that using the specified string comparison avoids creating a new string, and means you don't need to worry about cultural issues... unless you want to perform a culture-sensitive comparison, of course. Also note that I've put the literal as the "target" of the method call to avoid NullReferenceException being thrown when input is null.

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