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Java Question

Convert Data to sound and back

Are there libraries out there that can convert data (text files, etc) to sound and back to the original data?

The sound can be transmitted any medium I wish, whether radio, etc. I just need to store data in sound files.


step1: Convert a .docx file with embedded images to .wav.

step2: Send over a radio wave.

step3: Convert this .wav back to the .docx file with the embedded images.

This concept can be applied to any data.


.net or java

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I think the medium is important, as are other factors such as the size of the files and the transmission time available. A simple algorithm would be to convert your files to text (UUENCODE should do that trick) then convert to morse code :

Morse gives you a simple alphabet able to survive transmission over a fairly noisy radio channel.

If your carrier is cleaner a conversion of your UUEncoded file into a series of frequencies one per character would probably also work, and be easy enough to decode at the other end, Frequency Analyzer in C#

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