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typescript compiler option for resolving scss imports

I am using the following compiler options for a tool I am making and I am seeing an error when the compiler can't find the compiled scss file.

In other words, I have the following files:

  • ClassA.tsx

    • This file has the line:
      import styles from './ClassA.module.scss';

  • ClassA.module.scss

After the files are compiled I have the files:

  • ClassA.js

    • This file has the line:
      var ClassA_module_scss_1 = require('./ClassA.module.scss');

  • Class.module.scss.js

And I am seeing the error:
Cannot find module ClassA.module.scss

These are my compiler options:

compilerOptions: {
target: typescript.ScriptTarget.ES5,
module: typescript.ModuleKind.CommonJS,
moduleResolution: typescript.ModuleResolutionKind.NodeJs,
rootDir: this.buildConfig.rootPath,
declaration: true,
experimentalDecorators: true,
jsx: typescript.JsxEmit.React,
sourceMap: true

Is there something special I must do to resolve the scss file?

Answer Source

Importing assets or stylesheets is not a feature supported by TypeScript itself. For this to work, you need some module bundler that is aware of non-typescript/javascript imports like images or scss files. Webpack is such a tool that handles imports of assets and can do much more for you.


When integrating webpack, you need the corresponding loaders to enable support for scss. You can find more details on configuring it to enable this at sass-loader docs. Before you should definitely have a look at the webpack docs to get a general understanding of how webpack and the loaders work. This can be somehow confusing in the beginning.

Please be aware that currently version 2 of webpack is still in development and you may encounter some tutorials that don't work for version 1.

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