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Swift - Integer conversion to Hours/Minutes/Seconds

I have a (somewhat?) basic question regarding time conversions in Swift.

I have an integer that I would like converted into Hours / Minutes / Seconds.


Int = 27005
would give me:

7 Hours 30 Minutes 5 Seconds

I know how to do this in PHP, but alas, swift isn't PHP :-)

Any tips on how I can achieve this in swift would be fantastic!
Thank you in advance!

Answer Source


func secondsToHoursMinutesSeconds (seconds : Int) -> (Int, Int, Int) {
  return (seconds / 3600, (seconds % 3600) / 60, (seconds % 3600) % 60)


> secondsToHoursMinutesSeconds(27005)


let (h,m,s) = secondsToHoursMinutesSeconds(27005)

The above function makes use of Swift tuples to return three values at once. You destructure the tuple using the let (var, ...) syntax or can access individual tuple members, if need be.

If you actually need to print it out with the words Hours etc then use something like this:

func printSecondsToHoursMinutesSeconds (seconds:Int) -> () {
  let (h, m, s) = secondsToHoursMinutesSeconds (seconds)
  print ("\(h) Hours, \(m) Minutes, \(s) Seconds")

Note that the above implementation of secondsToHoursMinutesSeconds() works for Int arguments. If you want a Double version you'll need to decide what the return values are - could be (Int, Int, Double) or could be (Double, Double, Double). You could try something like:

func secondsToHoursMinutesSeconds (seconds : Double) -> (Double, Double, Double) {
  let (hr,  minf) = modf (seconds / 3600)
  let (min, secf) = modf (60 * minf)
  return (hr, min, 60 * secf)
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