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CSS Question

jquery removeAttr('class') still retaining elements of the class

I am struggling with the removeAttr('class') and removeClass() functions in jquery.

removeAttr('class') OR removeClass();

I have three buttons, of which I would like 2 to be disabled (unclickable) when information is entered into a input text form field.

I have entered my current code into the following jsfiddle link:

You will see from the example, the css is changing however the buttons are not disabling (i.e they are still clickable).

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.


Use keyup event, and a delegated event listener


  $("#user-input1").on('keyup change', function() {
      if ($(this).val() != '')

      else if ($(this).val() == '')

    $("body").on("click",".on", function(){ // delegated event listener
        var tab_id = $(this).attr('value');


JSFiddle demo