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HTML Question

Can the GET variables be extracted?

I'm trying to store GET variables using PHP from this URL string, but doesn't seem to be working...


The PHP I tried is:

$email = htmlspecialchars($_GET["email"]);

and also...

$email = $_GET["email"];

Neither is working, Any ideas please? (BTW I have no means to change the URL string)


Follow this :

your url is : domain.local/welcome??fwd=cd&data={"email":""}

$fwd = $_GET['fwd']; //output cd
$data = json_decode($_GET['data']); //

echo $data->email; //output is

if your url like data={"email":"","name":"myname","mobile":123456"}

Then you can use bellow example :

echo $data->name; //output myname
echo $data->mobile; //output 123456