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Add an image in a specific position in the document (.docx) with Python?

I use Python-docx to generate Microsoft Word document.The user want that when he write for eg: "Good Morning every body,This is my %(profile_img)s do you like it?"
in a HTML field, i create a word document and i recuper the picture of the user from the database and i replace the key word %(profile_img)s by the picture of the user NOT at the END OF THE DOCUMENT. With Python-docx we use this instruction to add a picture:

document.add_picture('profile_img.png', width=Inches(1.25))

The picture is added to the document but the problem that it is added at the end of the document.
Is it impossible to add a picture in a specific position in a microsoft word document with python? I've not found any answers to this in the net but have seen people asking the same elsewhere with no solution.

Thanks (note: I'm not a hugely experiance programmer and other than this awkward part the rest of my code will very basic)

Answer Source

Quoting the python-docx documentation:

The Document.add_picture() method adds a specified picture to the end of the document in a paragraph of its own. However, by digging a little deeper into the API you can place text on either side of the picture in its paragraph, or both.

When we "dig a little deeper", we discover the Run.add_picture() API.

Here is an example of its use:

from docx import Document
from docx.shared import Inches

document = Document()

p = document.add_paragraph()
r = p.add_run()
r.add_text('Good Morning every body,This is my ')
r.add_text(' do you like it?')

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