Lily Lily - 2 years ago 139
Java Question

Set bufferedimage to be a color in Java

I need to create a rectangular BufferedImage with specified color as a background, draw some pattern on the background and save it to file. My problem comes from how to create the background,I am using nexted loop:

BufferedImage b_img = ...
for every row
for every column

But it's very slow when the image is large.

How to set the color in a more efficient way?

Answer Source

Get the graphics object for the image, set the current paint to the desired colour, then call fillRect(0,0,width,height).

BufferedImage b_img = ...
Graphics2D    graphics = b_img.createGraphics();

graphics.setPaint ( new Color ( r, g, b ) );
graphics.fillRect ( 0, 0, b_img.getWidth(), b_img.getHeight() );
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