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Perl Question

How can I check if all elements of an array are identical in Perl?

I have an array

. What's the best way to check if each element of the array is the same string?

I know I can do it with a
loop but is there a better way to do this? I checked out the map function but I'm not sure if that's what I need.

Answer Source

If the string is known, you can use grep in scalar context:

if (@test == grep { $_ eq $string } @test) {
 # all equal

Otherwise, use a hash:

my %string = map { $_, 1 } @test;
if (keys %string == 1) {
 # all equal

or a shorter version:

if (keys %{{ map {$_, 1} @test }} == 1) {
 # all equal

NOTE: The undefined value behaves like the empty string ("") when used as a string in Perl. Therefore, the checks will return true if the array contains only empty strings and undefs.

Here's a solution that takes this into account:

my $is_equal = 0;
my $string   = $test[0]; # the first element

for my $i (0..$#test) {
    last unless defined $string == defined $test[$i];
    last if defined $test[$i] && $test[$i] ne $string;
    $is_equal = 1 if $i == $#test;
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