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How to publish an Android app from Android-Studio using a Keystore file generated in Eclipse?

I have already published my App in Google-Play two years ago. At that time, I was using

to generate the
file (which is then kept save for future
generation) to export my App.

Now, I want to migrate to
, mainly because it is much simpler to work with

Before migrating though, I want to make sure that I can continue creating new versions of the
each time I want to update the App online in Google-play using

I just want to ask if is it possible ?! and if the answer is 'Yes', how can I export my app from
using the 'keystore' file I was using before for exporting the app from

Answer Source

What matters here is keystore file only. If you keep the keystore file you used with Eclipse then all you need to do is keep using it with Android Studio as keystore is Java thing and is IDE independent. And in fact you must use the same key for further updates of your Play Store released apps otherwise you will not be able to publish them.

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