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More efficient algorithm for shortest superstring search

My problem below is NP-complete, however, I'm trying to find at least a marginally faster string search function or module that might help in reducing some of the computation time compared to where it is at now. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The concatenated (longest possible) superstring is:


The below code produces the shortest superstring in 16m:


import itertools as it

def main():
seqs = ['AGG', 'AGT', 'CCG', 'CGT', 'GAG', 'GGA', 'GGT', 'GTA', 'GTG', 'TAG', 'TGG']
seq_perms = [''.join(perm) for perm in it.permutations(seqs)]
for i in range(0, len(''.join(seqs))):
seq_perms = [''.join(perm)[:i] for perm in it.permutations(seqs)]
for perm in seq_perms:
if all(perm.find(seq) != -1 for seq in seqs) == True:
print 'Shortest superstring containing all strings:\n{}'.format(perm)

if __name__ == '__main__':

Any refactoring that completes in less time on my system will be marked solved.

@InbarRose code takes 19s on my machine. The quickest so far.

Answer Source

This should do it.

import itertools as it

SEQUENCES = ['AGG', 'AGT', 'CCG', 'CGT', 'GAG', 'GGA', 'GGT', 'GTA', 'GTG', 'TAG', 'TGG']

def find_shortest_superstring():
    current_shortest = LONGEST_SUPERSTRING
    trim = len(current_shortest)-1
    seen_prefixes = set()
    for perm in it.permutations(SEQUENCES):
        candidate_string = ''.join(perm)[:trim]
        if candidate_string in seen_prefixes:
        while is_superstring(candidate_string):
            current_shortest = candidate_string
            candidate_string = candidate_string[:-1]
            trim = len(current_shortest)-1
    return current_shortest

def is_superstring(s):
    return all(seq in s for seq in SEQUENCES)

def main():
    print 'Searching for shortest superstring containing all strings.'
    ss = find_shortest_superstring()
    print 'Found shortest superstring containing all strings:\n{}'.format(ss)

if __name__ == '__main__':

The code takes about 15 seconds to run and produces the following output:

Searching for shortest superstring containing all strings.
Found shortest superstring containing all strings:
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