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extracting html code from urls list

I want to get a html code value from many urls for the same domain and as example
the html code is the name
and the domain is facebook
and the urls is just like

so if you opened that url you will see the name is Mohamed Nazem
at shown by the code :

‏‎Mohamed Nazem‎‏ ‏(ناظِم)‏

as so that facebook url

Mark Zuckerberg

so the value at the first url was >Mohamed Nazem<
and the second url it's Mark Zuckerberg

hopefully you got what i thinking in..

Answer Source

To fetch the HTML page for each url you will need to use something like the requests library. To install it, use pip install requests and then in your code use it like so:

import requests

response = requests.get('')
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