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C Question

Is there a way to pass strings like this in C?

I have a function which accepts a character array (ie, string) as argument.

But an integer variable's value should also be printed as part of string.

For example,
If I have a function like this:

int var=10;
void printStr(char str[])
printf("%s", str);

and I need to print the value of integer variable 'var' with a message

"The value of var is %d", var

I tried this

printStr( ("The value of var is %d", var) );

but it didn't work.

Is there a way to accomplish this without passing the variable as argument to

The output in this case should be

The value of var is 10

Answer Source

It seems that you need the function sprintf/snprintf for generation of the string.

Try something like this:

char tempStr[30];
snprintf(tempStr, sizeof(tempStr), "The value of var is %d", var);

Is it what you need?

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