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SQL Current month/ year question

So I have a table that has the month and year broken down, for example field called Month has the number 7 in it (this month) and the Year field has 2011. Theres also additional months years, etc. How can I query this to show just the current year, month?

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In SQL Server you can use YEAR, MONTH and DAY instead of DATEPART.
(at least in SQL Server 2005/2008, I'm not sure about SQL Server 2000 and older)

I prefer using these "short forms" because to me, YEAR(getdate()) is shorter to type and better to read than DATEPART(yyyy, getdate()).

So you could also query your table like this:

select *
from your_table
where month_column = MONTH(getdate())
and year_column = YEAR(getdate())
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