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MySQL Question

Storing Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY in MySQL (EJB entity/JBoss)

I have the following simple JPA entity:

@Table( name = myentity_table )
public class MyEntity {

private double a;
private double b;

a and b may be set to
. When I try to store entity with double set to +INF into database (MySQL) using standard entity manager I get exception:

java.sql.SQLException: 'Infinity' is not a valid numeric or approximate numeric value

As far as I know MySQL may not support NaN/-INF/+INF numbers. Is there any way to store this entity without writing HQL queries and translating +INF into null (or max double) ? Ideally, I'd like to do it via entity manager as usual.

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

Entity life-cycle callback methods @PrePersist, @PreUpdate can be used here to verify the field value NAN/-INF/+INF etc & then setting the default value accordingly.


 private void resetField() {

      if(field == Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY)
            field = somePredefinedValue;

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