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ld: framework not found Crashlytics

After a pull I suddenly get the following error in xcode:

ld: framework not found Crashlytics

However my team mate has no problem. He updated Crashlytics and pushed his changes on SourceTree as it runs fine on his computer. Even if I totally remove the project and do a git clone, it still doens't work.

Answer Source

The problem is caused by a bug in SourceTree that doesn't detect type changes in binary files. When your team mate updated Crashlytics and Fabric, source tree didn't recognise a few of the binary symlink changes it made. Solution is to do the following:

  • Go to his terminal
  • Navigate to his project folder (cd ~/folder/to/project)
  • Add the missing files (git add --all)
  • Commit his changes from there (git commit -a -m "My informational commit message")
  • Push his changes (git push origin branch_name)
  • And then finally on your computer do a pull (git pull origin branch_name)

Remember to tell him as well that this is a good reason to finally stop using SourceTree and be a real man by using the terminal instead :D

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