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Sliding window in a data frame r

I’m trying to obtain the proportions of individuals that that shares certain DNA sequences between two given points. And I want to use a specific sliding window. In order to show the problem I create this example. First I create a data frame with four columns.


I also create a function to obtain the proportion of individuals that have sequences in a particular interval.

island<-subset(a,pos1>=p1 & pos2<=p2)


Now I want to transform this interval into a sliding window of size 10 that moves between values 0 and 7000. So this window will take positions [0,10);(10,20),…,(6990,7000]. I also need that the new function with the slide window stores all the windows and proportion of individuals in each in a data frame to afterwards plot it. I try some solutions that I have found regarding sliding windows I saw but I could not make them work. Thanks

Answer Source

This code will slide p1 from 0 to 6990 in steps of 10 while p2 slides from 10 to 7000 in steps of 10:

output = apply(data.frame(seq(0,6990,10), seq(10,7000,10)), MARGIN=1,
           function(x,y,z,a) roh_island(M1, 1, x[1], x[2]))
plot(output, col="blue")
grid(5, 5)

enter image description here

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