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iOS Question

Basic Objective C grammar

I am learning iOS development. In a setter method, I do not know the grammar and its function.

-(void)setURL:(NSURL *)URL
if(_URL) {
NSURLRequest *req = NSURLRequest requestWithURL:_URL];
[(UIWebView *)self.view loadRequest:req];

All I don't understand is that line:

[(UIWebView *)self.view loadRequest:req];

It is my first time to meet that situation:indicate self as a pointer to a UIWebView instance? or indicate self.view as a pointer to a UIWebView instance? If the latter, it quite makes sense. In my application, self is a instance of UIViewController, and its view property is a UIWebView. But what is the point to add it? Why not just use self.view instead? Thanks for help

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It's manually telling the compiler that self.view is of type UIWebView * – this is known as typecasting. UIViewController's view property is defined to be UIView *. This class doesn't have any method loadRequest:, so if you try to call it without casting the object to UIWebView *, then the compiler will warn you that you appear to be doing something incorrect.

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