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Java Question

About multi threading

How to kill the thread?
How to restart them again in multi threading?

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i wrap my worker threads up in their own class and use a terminated property to kill the thread proc loop.

sorry i dont have a java version to hand right now but you should get the idea from this

using System.Threading; 

namespace LoaderDemo
    class ParserThread
        private bool m_Terminated;
        private AutoResetEvent m_Signal;
        private string m_FilePath;

        public ParserThread(AutoResetEvent signal, string filePath)
            m_Signal = signal; 
            m_FilePath = filePath;

            Thread thrd = new Thread(this.ThreadProc);

        public bool Terminated { 
            set { m_Terminated = value; } 

        private Guid Parse(ref string s)
            //parse the string s and return a populated Guid object
            Guid g = new Guid();

            // do stuff...

            return g;

        private void ThreadProc()
            TextReader tr = null;
            string line = null;
            int lines = 0;

                tr = new StreamReader(m_FilePath);
                while ((line = tr.ReadLine()) != null)
                    if (m_Terminated) break;

                    Guid g = Parse(ref line);

                m_Signal.Set(); //signal done



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