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Python Question

Unable to update dictionary

I am facing this problem while trying to code a Sudoku solver (with some parts referencing to

Here's the code I have made so far with reference to the above URL.

puzzle = '003198070890370600007004893030087009079000380508039040726940508905800000380756900'
cell = '123456789'
cell_break = ['123','456','789']

def generate_keys(A, B):
"Cross product of elements in A and elements in B."
return [a+b for a in A for b in B]

#print generate_keys(cell,cell)

def dict_puzzle(puzzle,cell):
'Making a dictionary to store the key and values of the puzzle'
trans_puzzle = {}
key_list = generate_keys(cell,cell)
for x in puzzle:
trans_puzzle[str(key_list[i])] = x
i = i + 1
return trans_puzzle

dict_puzzle(puzzle,cell)['11'] = 'die'
print dict_puzzle(puzzle,cell)['11']

for the last 2 lines of the code, I tried to mutate the dictionary but to no avail. It just returns me 0, which is the original value. (i.e the mutation wasnt successful)

I am not sure why is this happening :(

Answer Source

You're calling the function again, so it returns a new dictionary. You need to assign the result of the first call to a variable and mutate that.

result = dict_puzzle(puzzle,cell)
result['11'] = 'die'
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