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table tr td p h2 - what's wrong with that?

Why I can't place h2 inside paragraph inside table cell? (tested on Chrome and FF)


Paragraph content jumps out to the td and p becomes empty:

chrome render

Answer Source

The content model of p allows only “inline” or “text-level” content. The exact content model (and terminology) varies by HTML version, but no version regards h2 as inline/text-level. See e.g. HTML 4.01 spec text on the p element. The requirement is rather natural if you think of p in its old meaning in HTML: it marks up a paragraph of text. It’s basically a block of copy text.

The content model is enforced by browsers, by parsing rules: when a p element is open, an <h2> tag implicitly closes it. So in the case given in the question, the td element contains a p element with just whitespace as content, then an h2 element, and then “loose” text (just a text node).

The conclusions depend on your reasons for wanting to wrap the cell content in a p element. Normally, there is no reason to that. But if you need a wrapper, use the div element instead.

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