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Node.js Question

Can you spawn a child process written in a different language than a Python or PHP server, like you would with Node.js?

What are the Python (Tornado/Flask/etc) or Apache/PHP ways of spawning a child process to run a script written in a different programming language than Python or PHP, and communicate with the server over standard input and output?

I'm looking for the Python/PHP equivalent to Node.js "child_process" library. I'm a Node.js programmer trying to justify using it on our company's infrastructure, and one major perk for our industry (research science) is that I would be able to use scripts written in Python and R seamlessly with a Node.js server. Before I claim that we NEED Node.js to have this benefit I want to make sure you can't do the same with a Python or PHP based server.

I'm not quite sure how to search for this

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The language of the spawning process isn't relevant to the language of the spawned process. This is not a feature of Node.JS, PHP, or Python, this is a feature of the operating system.

In python, for example, one uses calls from the subprocess module. Here is an example of a Python script calling a C program:

files = subprocess.check_output(['/bin/ls', '/tmp'])
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