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Clojure -- how to define public mutable members using deftype?

I've been trying to get running in clojure.

I discovered that by omitting the

annotation in the java version and making things public,

public class FXMLExampleController {
@FXML private Text actiontarget;
@FXML protected void handleSubmitButtonAction(ActionEvent event) {
actiontarget.setText("Sign in button pressed");


public class FXMLExampleController {
public Text actiontarget;
public void handleSubmitButtonAction(ActionEvent event) {
actiontarget.setText("Sign in button pressed");

...that it basically still works when I click the button, and fxml is able to get to the controller's
public Text actiontarget
, whose access is usually enabled only via the

So I'm trying to make my clojure-based controller class have public mutable fields, but in the last several hours of hunting through :gen-class and deftypes, I can't find a way to make it work. I was able to access
(default) deftype fields from a java test code, but the only online discussion I've seen says you can't have public and mutable fields, and to try :gen-class. Well, I can't find that in gen-class either, and all the gen-class examples I've been able to find use the class fields only from within clojure; I'm not sure how to define the :state in a :gen-class such that it is accessible from java, and I don't know how to make those mutable and public.

My next thing is to try clojure annotations, and then using the fx:script field rather than fx:controller to define a clojure callback... but I want to make sure it's doable/not-doable with deftype or gen-class first.

So can someone tell me if it's possible to make a java-accessible class with public mutable fields in clojure?


Answer Source

No, you cannot define public mutable fields in Clojure. That applies to both deftype and gen-class.

I suppose you could try and find out whether JavaFX would be happy to call a getter and, if so, define some getFoo methods in Clojure instead.

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