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Android Google Maps v2 not shown on certain devices

I found issue that Google Maps V2 for Android are not shown on certain devices (both release version).

Devices for comparison: Nexus 5 and 1 plus 1.

Any ideas?


Does it make sense the package name? I have package name: com.severenity - without third part. I have created absolutely new project from scratch using maps template and it worked with name: com.severenity.test. I also have SupportMapFragment inside my another fragment. With MapView on both project maps are not shown. Any ideas?

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Here is what is going on with this issue, may be helpful for others:

  • I created separate project, which had MainActivity and SupportMapFragment in the layout. It worked on devices, that were not showing the map.
  • In my project I had, lets say, CustomFragment, which had in its layout SupportMapFragment:

        android:id="@+id/map" />
    <!-- other views go here -->

    And it does not work, BUT! I had "hardwareAccelerated='false'" in AndroidManifest, so after I turned it to "hardwareAccelerated='true'" it started to work on other devices. Magic? At least, this is the answer.