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SQL Question

set column values equals to columnB minus columnA

I want my MySql Column 'Time' to be update as Column 'End_Time' Minus Column 'Start_Time'

Note: End_Time & Start_Time are in DATETIME format....


Answer Source

Try this method,

SELECT SEC_TO_TIME(TIMESTAMPDIFF(second,Start_Time,End_Time)) --include sec
SELECT SEC_TO_TIME(TIMESTAMPDIFF(minute,Start_Time,End_Time)*60) --diff in minute


SELECT SEC_TO_TIME(TIMESTAMPDIFF(minute,'2016-05-04 10:00:00','2016-05-04 11:29:00')*60)

Here TIMESTAMPDIFF(minute will return the diff in minutes and mutiple it *60 to get seconds, and use SEC_TO_TIME to convert from sec to Time.

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