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Can I use guards to chef if a windows service is running?

I'm writing a chef recipe and on this I need to perform an operation (run a batch) only if a service is not working.
I use this snippet:

batch 'run commnad' do
cwd target_path + '/bin/win64'
code 'command to be executed'
not_if '::Win32::Service.exists?("Service name")'

But it does not seems to work. After seeing this question I changed the process using an if clause instead of the guard and it works fine:

if !::Win32::Service.exists?("Service name") then
batch 'Install zabbix agent' do
cwd target_path + '/bin/win64'
code 'command to be executed'

But this should not be, for what I understood, the right way to manage this, so I'm wondering: why is the guard not working properly?


Answer Source

The way you wrote your not_if statement runs the command as a shell script. The shell doesn't know Ruby code, so the whole command will fail.

In order to use not_if with Ruby code you should put it inside a block instead:

not_if { Win32::Service.exists?("Service name") }

See some more examples here (search for not_if on the page):

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