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Java Question

Replacing characters in a string, Java

I have a string like

s = "abc.def..ghi"
. I would like to replace the single'.' with two '.'s. However,
s.replace(".", "..")
yields "abc..def....ghi". How can I get the correct behaviour? The output I'm looking for is
s = "abc..def..ghi"

Answer Source

Replace the dot only when it's surrounded by two characters

String foo = s.replaceAll("(\\w)\\.(\\w)", "$1..$2");

Or as @Thilo commented, only if it's surrounded by two non dots

String foo = s.replaceAll("([^.])\\.([^.])", "$1..$2");

And to replace the single dot with two dots even if the dot is at the beginning/end of the string, use a negative lookahead and lookbehind: (Example String: .abc.def..ghi. will become

String foo = s.replaceAll("(?<!\\.)\\.(?!\\.)", "..");
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