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Symfony FOSRestBundle Actions Order

i get started a new proyect with symfony3 and FOSRestBundle for a REST API. Everything is working as expected, but i have a question. I have this two actions on my controller and the router config:

api_marcas_get_all_marca_paginated GET ANY ANY /api/marca/{limit}/{page}.{_format}

api_marcas_delete_remove_marca GET ANY ANY /api/marca/delete/{marcaid}.{_format}

The problem is that when i call this (from Postman):

The other action (api_marcas_get_all_marca_paginated) responds...

Yes.. i know that i can use the "DELETE" http method, and this is worked... but... Why do they collide?

Here are my actions:

* @Rest\Get("/marca/{limit}/{page}")
public function getAllMarcaPaginatedAction(Request $request)
{... code here ...}


* @Rest\Get("/marca/delete/{marcaid}")
public function deleteRemoveMarcaAction(Request $request)
{ ... //code here... }

On that order.

I am doing something wrong?
Has anything to do with order of the actions? Thanks...


It happens because those rules are considered sequentially, and the first match is taken.

In your example /api/marca/delete/105 the first rule matches as delete to be the {limit} and 105 to be the {page}.

You can define some requirements for the {limit} so to match only certain patterns. Here you can find some examples of how to use the requirements annotation:

On the other side, it's the recommended practice not to use GET method for operations that alter the state of the application (like deleting an item), being considered a safe method.