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Get product id in magento

In magento,i want to add quick look feature like this have added a hidden input & a div in list.phtml.If i click the div of any product javascript returns product id of first product in that category page.But it should return product id of the selected div.

Answer Source

You need to look into this page (<path_to_your_template_folder>/template/catalog/product/list.phtml) carefully. You will find the following lines of code in different places of this page only:-

$_productCollection = $this->getLoadedProductCollection();

foreach ($_productCollection as $_product):
    $reqProductId = $_product->getId();

If you carefully match the above code & the code in the above-mentioned page, you will know that you need to use the variable "$reqProductId" properly in your required "INPUT" element of type "hidden". So you will require it to do your part in the main "foreach" loop.

Hope it helps.

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