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JSON Question

Parsing JSON array into objects?

I'm trying to parse some data in Python I have some JSON:

"data sources": [
"metros": [
"code": "SCL",
"continent": "South America",
"coordinates": {
"S": 33,
"W": 71
"country": "CL",
"name": "Santiago",
"population": 6000000,
"region": 1,
"timezone": -4
"code": "LIM",
"continent": "South America",
"coordinates": {
"S": 12,
"W": 77
"country": "PE",
"name": "Lima",
"population": 9050000,
"region": 1,
"timezone": -5

If I wanted to parse the "metros" array into and array of Python class
objects, how would I setup the class?

I was thinking:

class Metro(object):
def __init__(self):
self.code = 0 = "" = ""
self.continent = ""
self.timezone = ""
self.coordinates = []
self.population = 0
self.region = ""

So I want to go through each metro and put the data into a corresponding
object and place that object into a Python array of objects...How can I loop through the JSON metros?

Answer Source

If you always get the same keys, you can use ** to easily construct your instances. Making the Metro a namedtuple will simplify your life if you are using it simply to hold values:

from collections import namedtuple
Metro = namedtuple('Metro', 'code, name, country, continent, timezone, coordinates, population, region')

then simply

import json
data = json.loads('''...''')
metros = [Metro(**k) for k in data["metros"]]
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