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How to add scrollbar to Vaadin layout

I have found many questions where people are asking how to hide scrollbars in Vaadin layouts, but my problem is that Vaadin don't show me any scrollbars.
For example I can have this code:

HorizontalLayout layout = new HorizontalLayout();
layout.setSizeUndefined(); // I also tried setSizeFull()
for(Integer i = 1; i <= 15; i++) {
layout.addComponent(new Button("Test button #" + i.toString());

But when I run this code, buttons on the page are simply cut off when the browser window is too small to show them all. No scrollbars will appear ever.

I have also tried to create Panel, and then add my layout to this panel. I have tested both -
and also
, and I tried to set
too. Without any success.

Is there any way to add scrollbar to some kind of Vaadin layout? I use Vaadin 6.8.7.
Thanks in advance!

There is my full code:

private ComponentContainer openZoomifyLayout() {
Panel panel = new Panel();
Panel panel2 = new Panel();

middlePanel = new MiddlePanel();

VerticalLayout mw = new VerticalLayout();

HorizontalLayout sp = new HorizontalLayout();
Panel photos = new Panel();


mw.setExpandRatio(sp, 99);
mw.setExpandRatio(panel, 0);
mw.setExpandRatio(panel2, 0);


mw.setComponentAlignment(panel, Alignment.TOP_CENTER);
mw.setComponentAlignment(panel2, Alignment.TOP_CENTER);


return mw;

This method is used in class which extends Window, and so in time of initialization is there:

Answer Source

Your sp HorizontalLayout and your photos Panel need to be full sized.

As you can read in the Vaadin Book chapter 6.6.1

Normally, if a panel has undefined size in a direction, as it has by default vertically, it will fit the size of the content and grow as the content grows. However, if it has a fixed or percentual size and its content becomes too big to fit in the content area, a scroll bar will appear for the particular direction. Scroll bars in a Panel are handled natively by the browser with the overflow: auto property in CSS.

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