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How to convert a List returned from JSP to an Array of Strings in JavaScript

I'm having a HTML page with JSP in it and returned a List from JSP.

<input type="hidden" id="role" value="${sessionScope.rolePermissionsList}" />

Using JavaScript, i tried to display the List:

var rolesList = document.getElementById('role');

It displayed the below result on the browser's console:

[ PR_1 , PR_2, PR_3, PR_4 ]

I want this output to be converted to an Array of Strings.

I expected the output to be in this way [ "PR_1" , "PR_2", "PR_3",
"PR_4" ]

Can anyone tell me how to achieve that?

Answer Source

Assuming [ PR_1 , PR_2, PR_3, PR_4 ] is a string, you can use the below to convert into an array of strings.

var rolesList = "[PR_1, PR_2, PR_3, PR_4]";
console.log(rolesList.match(/\[(.*?)\]/)[1].split(", "));

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