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C# Question

Read the value of an attribute of a method

I need to be able to read the value of my attribute from within my Method, how can I do that?

[MyAttribute("Hello World")]
public void MyMethod()
// Need to read the MyAttribute attribute and get its value

Answer Source

You need to call the GetCustomAttributes function on a MethodBase object.
The simplest way to get the MethodBase object is to call MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod. (Note that you should add [MethodImpl(MethodImplOptions.NoInlining)])

For example:

MethodBase method = MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod();
MyAttribute attr = (MyAttribute)method.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(MyAttribute), true)[0] ;
string value = attr.Value;    //Assumes that MyAttribute has a property called Value

You can also get the MethodBase manually, like this: (This will be faster)

MethodBase method = typeof(MyClass).GetMethod("MyMethod");
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